Vice President for Enrollment Management at Denison University

Founded in 1831, Denison is a nationally recognized university known for its forward-thinking approach to an undergraduate liberal arts and sciences education that prepares students for a lifetime of personal and professional success.

Denison University, a selective, private national liberal arts college located in Granville, Ohio, is seeking a proven Vice President for Enrollment Management. The VPEM will be expected to build upon Denison’s enrollment momentum while contributing to the institution's ongoing success. Reporting to President Adam Weinberg and serving as a strategic partner on the senior staff, the Vice President for Enrollment Management will lead a division of 33 individuals, including four direct reports, in the Offices of Admission, Financial Aid, Enrollment Systems, and Enrollment Marketing & Communication. Beginning in summer 2024, the Office of Student Accounts will join the Enrollment Division.

Guided by extensive experience and deep knowledge of national and international demographic trends, evolving admission and financial aid policies and practices, and a sophisticated understanding of data analytics, the new VPEM should be willing to listen, learn, engage with and impact Denison’s community by gaining and building trust with faculty, board, senior leadership, students, and staff, while shaping enrollment policies that will attract students who will thrive at Denison.

Responsibilities and Priorities
The expectations for the Vice President for Enrollment Management require that the successful candidate possess the ability and experience to accomplish the following responsibilities and priorities in these key areas:


  • Develop, articulate, and implement a strategic enrollment plan that meets objectives and goals in alignment with the university’s vision and mission.
  • Manage, mentor, and inspire a professional enrollment management team; support the growth and development of individual staff members; continue to knit together multiple high functioning teams in their shared work through effective communication.
  • Appreciate and champion the work of the enrollment team and promote a high-performing culture with attention to work/life balance.
  • Work with an interested and supportive Board of Trustees, President and fellow members of senior staff in all matters related to recruitment, enrollment, financial aid, and strategic positioning of the university amid a rapidly evolving landscape.
  • Continue Denison’s efforts to create a welcoming environment and a strong sense of belonging for all students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, ensuring that Denison is a place where all students feel included and supported.

Strategic Enrollment Management

  • Lead the enrollment management functions of admission, financial aid, enrollment systems, enrollment marketing & communications, and student accounts with vision, creativity and an innovative approach to new opportunities and emerging challenges.
  • Sustain enrollment through dynamic recruitment and retention strategies; diversify efforts to offset the effects of demographic trends.
  • Develop and execute merit and financial aid leveraging strategies that reflect institutional commitments to access and affordability while optimizing revenue generation and managing net tuition revenues.
  • Work closely with university leadership to articulate the complex relationship among value proposition, price point, discount rate, and net tuition revenue.
  • Guide progressive practices and policies that align with regional, national, and international demographic trends with the goal of attracting exceptional students who will succeed and persist through graduation.

Technology and Data Analytics

  • Possess the capacity to analyze data and lead the division in using data to inform strategic decisions, establish and monitor outcomes, and identify opportunities.
  • Foster a culture of excellence in the best practices of leveraging data through a variety of partners and systems, including PowerFAIDS and Slate; and transparently share information within the campus community.
  • Provide direction to the Enrollment Division in evaluating, implementing, and leveraging technology to increase operational efficiency and meet the expectations of students and families.

Partnership, Collaboration and Communication

  • Engage the campus community in enrollment management strategies and initiatives; partner across institutional boundaries with a forward-thinking approach that is visionary and strategic.
  • Collaborate with University Communications & Branding in developing marketing strategies that reach, influence and compel prospective students and their families as they consider a Denison education.
  • Develop relationships with faculty and staff across the university to support the enrollment and retention of students and foster relationships of trust and empowerment within the community.
  • Partner with academic leadership to understand market demand and address capacity and qualifications specific to individual academic programs.
  • Partner effectively with coaches and the entire athletic department to effectively recruit student athletes.
  • Partner with Institutional Advancement to work with donors and share the impact of philanthropic support to sustain the momentum of alumni giving.

Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
The successful candidate should possess a high regard for the liberal arts and a record of past success in higher education enrollment, as well as an understanding of student market trends, data analytics, and best-practice strategies for the recruitment and yield of an increasingly diverse student body. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required; and an advanced degree is strongly preferred with at least 10 years relevant experience in admission and/or financial aid. In addition, candidates for this position should demonstrate the following experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

  • Deep understanding of demographic and higher education trends to build an innovative enrollment strategy for how an institution can evolve to meet the needs of future student populations.
  • Creative problem solver with a willingness to drive change; ability to see an opportunity, determine its alignment with the overall mission, get people on board, and move quickly.
  • Ability to engage in constant strategic analysis of opportunities and challenges and to produce forward-looking, creative ideas.
  • Experience and understanding of institutional technology platforms and how they can be utilized to optimize enrollment results and efficient use of staff resources.
  • Ability to think intentionally with an awareness of the various ways in which the campus is experienced by students of all backgrounds.
  • Commitment to delivering results in student recruitment and yield efforts, as well as supporting student success, retention, graduation, and lifelong engagement.
  • Ability to align one's leadership and goals with an ambitious and inclusive institutional strategic plan.
  • Possession of a calming presence that instills confidence and trust among colleagues, faculty, staff and students.
  • Evidence of a commitment to a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to create a sense of belonging for people of all backgrounds and identities.

Denison University
Established in 1831 as one of the first colleges in the "Northwest Territory," Denison has a long legacy of preparing leaders and engaged citizens. The college's founding members, inspired by graduates of Brown University, aimed to develop leadership in various fields, initially naming it the Granville Literary and Theological Institution before renaming it Denison University in the mid-1850s to honor a significant benefactor. By the 20th century, Denison solidified its reputation for outstanding undergraduate education, focusing on leadership. Plans for campus expansion and development were guided by the innovative "Olmsted Plan" by famed landscape architectural firm Frederick Law Olmsted Sons, emphasizing a pedestrian-friendly environment that fosters community and learning. Today, Denison continues its tradition of excellence as a leading liberal arts college, offering a comprehensive education across disciplines. Denison is a fully residential liberal arts college that delivers a life-shaping education to launch graduates quickly and successfully into lives and careers.

Today, the college’s 2,400 students come from across the U.S. and from countries around the world. On campus, students are surrounded by peers from diverse backgrounds who share and have different world views. They choose to study from 65+ academic programs taught by more than 250 teaching faculty.

Denison has a strong standing as a leading liberal arts college — applications to Denison have tripled over the past decade, and the college has grown its endowment to more than $1 billion. Driving this success is the college’s commitment to combining a rigorous and innovative education with career exploration and readiness programs and access to hundreds of co-curricular programs on a fully residential campus.

Denison continues to rise in national rankings and global reputation. In September 2023, Denison was ranked #6 most innovative, up from #9 the prior year by U.S. News & World Report. The Princeton Review recognized Denison as #3 for career services among all U.S. colleges and universities. Overall, Denison is ranked No. 39 among national liberal arts colleges — up 16 places since 2016 — according to Us News & World Report.

At Denison, students and faculty from different backgrounds connect to and learn from each other. In a safe environment, they explore diversity, practice inclusivity, and create equity through learning, experience and policy.

Since Denison is a fully residential campus, its students – who are from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, political bents, abilities and gender identities – live with and learn from each other on a continual basis. When they meet face to face and confront their differences, they do so with respect and integrity.

It has been proven in the workplace and in society that a diverse range of thought, education and background produces the strongest answers to challenging problems. Denison values the diversity of its students and faculty, celebrates differences, and gains knowledge by looking at the world through another’s eyes. This commitment to learning access difference and freedom of expressions is reflected in Denison’s statement on academic freedom.

In a June 2020 letter to the campus, President Weinberg wrote, “Society changes when we think and act differently. I believe our nation’s college campuses are crucial to this process. We have to do more to step into this space. Our campuses need to be places where we are confronting our past, learning about the structures that shape contemporary society, and finding ways to work together to create a better future.”  Denison’s broad commitment to diversity is reflected in Denison Forward, a comprehensive, multi-year, campus-wide plan for action and change and a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.  

The Board of Trustees appointed Adam Weinberg as the 20th president of Denison University in 2013. Supported by senior staff, Dr. Weinberg has focused on positioning Denison in ways that address the major issues facing higher education in the 21st century, including affordability, career readiness, internationalization, civic education, learning outcomes, and social inclusion.

Under Dr. Weinberg’s leadership, Denison has expanded the curriculum with a new generation of academic programs, global programs, and a deepening of the arts, including the construction of the Michael D. Eisner Center for the Performing Arts. In 2016, Denison launched new programs in Global Commerce; Data Analytics; Financial Economics; Journalism; and Health, Exercise, and Sport Studies that are forging new pathways for the liberal arts. A second major area of emphasis has been career exploration. Denison launched the Austin E. Knowlton Center for Career Exploration, which is reinventing how liberal arts colleges prepare students for careers and professions. For this work, Dr. Weinberg was recognized by the National Association of Colleges and Employers for innovation with the inaugural 2017 Career Services Champion Award. Dr. Weinberg is heavily involved in national conversations about career preparation through his work with The Council on Competitiveness and The Columbus Partnership. Dr. Weinberg’s intellectual roots are in the civic impacts of higher education in unlocking the potential of individuals and communities. He has brought this passion to Denison where work is underway to focus on residential halls as sites for civic learning, and the recently launched Red Frame Lab for design thinking and entrepreneurship. Underlying this work, Dr. Weinberg has focused Denison on a campus-wide effort to deepen mentorship, which he believes is the defining feature of a transformative education.

Prior to coming to Denison, Dr. Weinberg served as president and CEO of World Learning, where he led education programs in more than 70 countries. Dr. Weinberg started his career at Colgate University (1995 through 2005), where he was a member of the sociology and anthropology department and also served as vice president and dean of the college. A native of Texas, Dr. Weinberg’s passion for ice hockey took him to New England, where he attended Deerfield Academy and Bowdoin College. He studied at Cambridge University before earning his master’s and doctoral degrees in sociology at Northwestern University. He has published widely. Dr. Weinberg is a member of The Council on Foreign Relations. He has served on a variety of national and local boards, including The Talloires Network, InterAction, The Works, The Great Lakes College Association, The Ohio Foundation for Independent Colleges, and the Alliance for International Education and Cultural Exchange. Dr. Weinberg lives on campus with his wife Anne. He has three children and two dogs.

Strategic Plan
In 2022, Denison launched a five-year strategic plan, that builds on the success and momentum of the previous five-year plan. The plan’s focus areas include financial aid and affordability, faculty and academic programs, residential student community, career exploration, alumni engagement, and workplace environment & operational excellence.

Division of Enrollment Management
The Division of Enrollment Management was founded in 2016; Gregory Sneed was the inaugural Vice President for Enrollment Management and brought together the Offices of Admission and Financial Aid. Enrollment Management launched the Slate admissions CRM by Technolutions and expanded its analytical capabilities with additional staff and expertise in the enrollment systems and marketing & communications areas. In the summer of 2024, the Office of Student Accounts will move into the Division of Enrollment Management.

The Division of Enrollment Management takes pride in recruiting, enrolling, and supporting a broadly diverse student body of talented, independent, and self-determined scholars. The division’s efforts go beyond simply promoting the transformative, liberal arts experience that is a Denison education. It utilizes exceptional resources to meet 100% of the demonstrated financial need of every student at Denison. Additionally, its enrollment management professionals live the Denison value of a personalized experience, working individually with students in all facets of the recruitment, admission, financial aid, and enrollment processes. This closely aligned team of individuals works with mutual respect for one another and with colleagues throughout the Denison community.

Denison’s enrollment policies ensure a diverse class that will bring a wide variety of perspectives and experiences. An innovative interview pilot program launched in fall 2023 will assist the admission staff in deepening their understanding of how students share information about themselves and their passions during the enrollment process.

Statistics for the class entering in 2023 include:
Applicants: 14.580
Admitted:  2,468
Enrolled:  636
Median SAT/ACT scores: 1310-1470/29-33
Admission rate: 17%

Overall, students enrolled at the start of the 2023-24 academic year:
Undergraduate students: 2,400
Domestic students of color: 21%
First Generation: 13%
States represented: 50
Countries represented: 70
Percentage of demonstrated need met: 100%

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Granville, Ohio is a picturesque village that boasts a rich history and vibrant community. The campus overlooks the village, offering stunning views of Granville's New England-style charm. The campus itself is a work of art, crafted by the same landscape architecture visionaries responsible for iconic American landmarks like Central Park and the grounds of the U.S. Capitol. Granville exudes historical elegance, with over 100 homes and churches proudly listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Denison is also home to a vast biological reserve. This 350-acre expanse of forests, orchards, fields, and ponds is not just a natural haven but a living laboratory for research, providing students and scientists alike with a rich resource for study and discovery. The Granville Exempted Village School District serves 2,500 students across four schools and has earned the highest classification of "Excellent with Distinction" from the Ohio Department of Education.

For golf enthusiasts, the Denison Golf Club is recognized as one of the top facilities in central Ohio, offering a premier golfing experience. Convenience is key in Granville, with the John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH) less than 30 minutes away, making travel easy for both visitors and the local community. Destinations within a one-day drive include Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Nashville, New York City, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Washington D.C., and Toronto.

For more information, please visit:

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The rapidly growing Central Ohio metropolitan region provides an abundance of opportunities for shopping, entertainment, dining – everything a major city has to offer. As the 11th fastest-growing city in the U.S., Columbus is a beacon for young entrepreneurs, being ranked in the top 10 major cities for startups. It's also acclaimed as the best city for tech jobs and is second in the nation for employment opportunities, reflecting its dynamic job market. The capital city has rapidly gained a reputation as a shopping and culinary destination. The incredible culinary scene is highlighted by top-ranked chefs, a vibrant farm-to-table culture, and award-winning restaurants.

Neighborhoods surrounding downtown are bursting with activities and artists are shaping new areas into dynamic spaces to explore. Whether you seek an urban loft or a quiet suburban home, Columbus has a neighborhood for you. No matter where you live, you won’t spend your time commuting, the average downtown commute is around 30 minutes. Columbus boasts more than 26 colleges, universities, and technical schools, with the nation’s second-highest number of college students per capita. The metropolitan area’s K-12 education options include schools ranked by U.S. News & World Report as top U.S. high schools. Intel recently announced Central Ohio would be the future home of its most advanced semiconductor manufacturing facilities in the world. The project brings a historic $20B capital investment promising 3,000 direct jobs and tens of thousands of additional indirect jobs statewide.

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Denison University offers a competitive salary based on the skills and experience of the selected candidate, and a comprehensive package of benefits. NES search consultants will discuss the expected range of compensation. The selected candidate will need to reside in or near Granville, Ohio in this visible campus and community-based leadership position.

NES is assisting Denison University with the search for the Vice President for Enrollment Management. To arrange for a confidential conversation, please contact Laura Robinson, Mary Napier or Betsy Gingerich. For best consideration, candidates who plan to apply should send a resume, a detailed letter of interest, and contact information for five professional references by email to by May 15, 2024.  Review will begin immediately thereafter and the expected start date will be summer 2024.  All applications and nominations will be considered confidential, and notice will be given before references are contacted.

To achieve our mission as a liberal arts college, we continually strive to attract and hire candidates with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities. Denison fosters a campus community that recognizes the value of all persons regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender expression and identity, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic background.

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