Team members take on expanded roles

Laura Robinson and Catherine Capolupo Announced as Principal Consultants at NES

Reflecting the continued growth, development, and success of NES, Mary Worland Napier is pleased to announce that valued team members Laura Robinson and Catherine Capolupo will now serve as principal consultants at the higher education enrollment search firm.

According to Mary Napier, NES founder and principal consultant, “The collective energy and talents of Laura and Catherine are both complementary and exciting. Their leadership within the team, and frankly, within the enrollment profession instills confidence with candidates. At the same time, in our work with search committees and institutional leadership, their instincts and counsel are valued. For those reasons, and because of their visionary view of higher education and best practices in search work, I am excited to partner with them as NES continues to successfully serve the field.”

Robinson has 25 years of experience in higher education and the K-12 environment. Since joining NES eight years ago, she has completed nearly 125 searches. Prior to joining the team in 2019, Capolupo spent 20 years in the field of Enrollment Management, including serving as a vice president of enrollment at two institutions. In her four years of search work, she has completed 30 searches.

“I am honored and privileged to be part of a collaborative team that has impacted the lives of thousands of students through successful placements of incredibly talented and highly qualified enrollment professionals,” shares Robinson.

Capolupo adds, “It’s a joy to be part of an organization that works to develop a synergistic partnership with each of our institutional clients, and allows our team to work closely with our colleagues in higher education at multiple points across their rich and impactful careers.”

Napier, Robinson, and Capolupo will continue to work alongside an exemplary team of higher education professionals who use their personal experiences and direct expertise to serve colleges and universities nationally. All have careers with roots in higher education and specifically in enrollment; each has a unique perspective but endorses a unified goal of getting to know institutions, then tapping talented leaders who will move each place forward. Current members of the NES team include Robin Stamm Reynders, Thom Golden, Suzi Nam, and Ann Salina-Tucker.

About NES

Embarking on our 10th year, NES, a higher education search firm specializing in enrollment management and related searches, provides a personal, connected approach to the search for talented enrollment leaders. The team’s attention to building and maintaining personal connections in the higher education space lends itself to a deep network of individual and institutional partnerships. The company has completed more than 200 searches since 2014. The work of NES is truly national, focused on excellence, and relies on a synergistic approach. See a list of current searches in progress.